Technology for elders

Yes, it’s a tedious herculean task for them and for the people who help/assist/teach them.
Now that the whole world is in hands making the current generation glued to.  It is a team up of mobile companies to shopping sites, home services to entertainment houses trying to grab our eyeballs by discounts, contents, clickbait headlines, offers, entertain, network, connect, chat etc etc have created a digital life out of the physical world.
I remember something like terminator movie or a website that was named long time ago spoke about creating a virtual world. A step into a human destruction one way or the other?
Have to say, the technology of its kind is very useful and convenient in this present world. Every aspect of the technology has its advantage and disadvantages. One should balance it out in the way its no one should lag behind in getting benefitted by it yet living a balanced life.
Having said that, the older generation is the one finding it going tough to adapt to the trend for doing a simple and day to day task from a grocery, shopping, laundry, movies, booking tickets, cleaning in a mobile or say at least using the internet.
That’s due to the complexities in each aspect of the phone and apps which is tough for them to access. It’s sad only a few tech companies or internet companies or whatever business focussing on caring for the elders.  The remaining are targeting only the youths for their market share.
We need to build companies, products, services that take care of the elder generations too. Recently I came across a startup aiming at elders in healthcare in which the app aims at both the elder and the younger generation in managing the health of the elder. Yes, its tough for the elders to adapt quick and navigate the complexities of using mobile phones, at least companies or products could act as a bridge in creating a convenience in the service they provide.
From designing the phones ( ( to creating resources, services,  businesses etc to bring older people into a digital space without too much of hassle yet a balanced look of life.

Roller coaster Phase of my life

Its been long time me blogging. In these months, I was super busy with my work schedules. I write some of my experience in that part of a phase of my life. It was Quarter 1 of this year.
I had to go thru different experiences within myself like delay in Job confirmation, Photoshoots, New Product Launches, Events, Travel, Hectic Work schedules, Stress, feeling numb sometimes, late wake-ups in mornings, award, workshops, arguments, meeting aggressive deadlines, planning of works(of course sometimes poor planning too), Back and forth corrections, late night works, Pre-closure of my personal loan, Shopping, Performance assessment and so-on. –
Non-stop, a whirlwind phase that period of my life(February 2018 – April 2018).
So, here I am completed my another quarter entering another quarter. I don’t know why the life is like this. On part it sucks, but on another part, it goes on. Trying to rejuvenate and replenish myself through yoga and early morning wake-up.
Hoping for a shiny weather in my life to break all those physical and mental blocks and compulsions.

Celebrate Mahashivratri – A Night with the Divine

Mahashivratri is one of the largest and most significant among the sacred festival nights of India. This – the darkest night of the year – celebrates the Grace of Shiva, who is considered the Adi Guru or the First Guru, from whom the yogic tradition originates. The planetary positions on this night are such that there is a powerful natural upsurge of energy in the human system. It is enormously beneficial for one’s physical and spiritual wellbeing to stay awake and aware in a vertical position throughout the night.

Celebrate Mahashivratri – A Night with the Divine
Explosive guided meditations accompanied by Dance and Music
Nightlong Satsang with Sadhguru
Performances by Sonu Nigam, Daler Mehndi, Mohit Chauhan, Sean Roldan & Friends, Sounds of Isha and many more
Bask in the Grace of Shiva, The AdiYogi!
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What’s your other side?

One of my favourite Innovative Digital Marketing Campaign that caught my attention in the past is “Honda Civic’s “The Other Side” created by Wieden + Kennedy.

Objective: To promote new Honda Civic by demonstrating its two sides of Honda Civic Type R: the practical family car and the high performance ‘Type R’ mode.What: A two-sided interactive film  that enabled viewers to switch between stories about a suburban school-run and an art heist by typing “R” on their keyboards – a function that mirrors the Type R’s race button.

How:Brilliantly narrated interactive campaign. Best use of technology in bringing out the USP of the car. As far as my knowledge, its a first time i have seen such a brilliant use of technology play in the ad in an interactive manner in bringing out the feature of the car by just pressing the letter ‘R’ in the keyboard. The ad has been shot with two different colors of the car, one for the day and one for the night in which the main character in day plays a father and the same main character plays a thief in night. This main character alone appears in two different scenes and situations whereas other characters are different. Finally at the dusk the father and the thief characters switches sides moving from the white car to red car – “The Other Side”.  White car in a day shows a normal car, and the red car in the night portrays the other side(Type R) which features of the raciness of the car. So, basically from a normal car/person to its “The other side”(sporty side) the person switches his gears from normal mode to Type R mode and vice versa.

Why: In Japan, there is a one-make series of Honda Type Rcars where a privateer can purchase an off-road Type R and compete in a series championship, which is a stepping stone for many aspiring racing drivers. Honda Civic Type R is the highest performance version of the Honda Civic. As a common passenger car but due to its sporty side of it, the ad is narrated as “The Other Side”. And in the ad by pressing the letter ‘R’ in keyboard, we can watch the other side of the story. A dual narration told in an interactive manner so that one can switch between both side of the story while watching it.

Results: On average, people spent over three minutes with the experience. This is an unusually long dwell time for an automotive campaign. Traffic to the Civic website also doubled during the campaign. The campaign was the world’s most awarded interactive campaign of 2015. Overall i rate this 5 stars for its narration, technology, clear message of the USP, casting, sound, editing etc. It scores in all areas.

One Plus 5T – Amazon Exclusive launch on 28th November

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Where have they gone now?

The saying goes like this – “The more you are close with nature, the more you are with god!!” How true that was and will be always.
Are we really close or away from nature and its creations like animals, birds etc now? It is not a question or a nature test, but it is a real awakening if we do not question and act on an invisible threat before we face it.
Nature has given us abundant and satisfying life to be in sync with it like other creatures. But we humans who have this big egoistic brain, is always arrogant, incomplete, insecure and thinks that we are the superior above every other creature in this planet. These crude mind of us trying to move away from nature’s path unconsciously and thinks progress is in development of material life like money, education, industry, business etc. I can’t blame now as the life become more materialistic and impossible to lead a simple life in cohesion with nature. But still there is a possibility.
Coming to the topic, “Where have they gone now?” i am talking about one of the now lesser populated though its not extinct(hopefully not) nature’s creation – “House Sparrow”.

There was a time when we woke up to their ‘chirp chirp’ every morning.  They sat on the power lines; flew about the village feeding on the cholam and paddy …there were so many of them. Where have they gone now?
A great Tamil Poet Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar in one of his poem describes the bird beautifully –
“சிறிய தானியம் போன்ற மூக்கு; சின்னக் கண்கள்; சின்னத் தலை; வெள்ளைக் கழுத்து; அழகிய மங்கல் வெண்மை நிறமுடைய பட்டுப் போர்த்த வயிறு; கருமையும் வெண்மையும் கலந்த சாம்பல் நிறத்தாலாகிய பட்டுப் போர்த்த முதுகு; சிறிய தோகை; துளித் துளிக் கால்கள்”. (Tiny nose like a grain, small eyes, small head, white neck, stomach in enveloped in white silk , mix of white and black mixed ash colored silky back, tiny feather, chirpy legs).
A Hindi song –
One of the few domestic birds to be close to nature and humans. Just a small box, rack is enough for it to accommodate itself as its living space. In my childhood, i use to see these birds often in my village and even in small cities. The chirpy sounds and its tiny movements are beautiful to watch. A beautiful lovely innocence. It was a big relief the moment it comes and sits in my house in its tiny nest just to hear its sound and watch its movement. A big relief and it made me feel close to nature and deep within myself safe. Somehow it was a stress reliever too, no matter whatever our situations are.
These days due to lot of industrial developments, mobile towers, its numbers is reduced. Lack of food for its off-spring, lack of conducive atmosphere, lack of trees/plants, pollution could be also a mixed reason. We don’t know the proper reason until unless we find it scientifically or in some other ways.
The situation is bad in other parts of the planet too like USA, England and in many other countries too. There is a World Sparrow Day – a day designated to raise awareness of the house sparrow and then other common birds to urban environments, and of threats to their populations, observed on 20 March. It is not completely gone, but we can’t ignore the fact that it is in danger.

Some school students adopted Chinnavedampatti on World Sparrow Day to improve the sparrow population in the village – Chinnavedampatti – A village in Tamilnadu, India.

Its great to see some people are dedicatedly taking an effort like these students to save these sparrow species. It is our responsibility that we have to make sure to take steps in saving them by increasing their numbers, creating a conducive atmosphere, nurture them so that the current generation and the future generation feel proud about it that such birds exists not in the book but in real life.
Some of the links to be followed to be part of saving the sparrow –

Adiyogi – The Source of Yoga – A Liberating Force!!

Article Credit: Isha
Shiva is in a way synonymous with the Third Eye. One of the many names associated with him is Tryambaka or Trinetra – the three-eyed one. Because of the Third Eye, he perceives “that which is not.” “That which is” is physical manifestation – “that which is not” is not physical. Right now, what you cannot perceive through your five senses is not in your experience. If willing to strive, a human being can see “that which is not,” that which is not physical – Shi-va. The human aspiration to be something more than what they are right now has taken too many lives, has driven too many species to extinction – even the planet itself is in danger. Gathering money, property, relationships, family, or whatever else may make you feel like you are something more – but only in comparison with someone else. By yourself, nothing of you will be enhanced. Only when your perception is enhanced, the way you experience life is enhanced.
We are planning to make Adiyogi an iconic presence in the world so that people understand that only enhancement of perception ultimately enhances life. We are in the process of building a hundred and twelve feet tall face of Adiyogi. The number is both symbolic and scientifically significant for our existence because he opened up one hundred and twelve possibilities for human beings to reach their ultimate nature, and there are one hundred and twelve chakras with which you can work. This image of Adiyogi will be the largest face on the planet. Along with the Adiyogi statue, a book on Adiyogi will come out, and hopefully in the next couple of years, a movie.

The idea of creating an iconic face like this is not to build one more monument but to use it as a galvanizing force to transform the world from a mass of believers to individuals who seek truth of life and beyond. You know what terrible things believers are capable of. All the conflict on the planet, though some would like to project it as good versus evil, is essentially one man’s belief versus another man’s belief. The moment you believe something, no matter what it is, you become blind to everything else. For belief systems to work, you need a flock. If you apply your own intelligence and think for yourself, your belief will collapse. The nature of seeking is individual. Every individual has to seek within himself or herself.
The most important thing is to build this culture in such a way that it is always an individual seeking, never a religion. The good thing about seekers is they are joyfully confused. When you are seeking, you have something to strive for, but nothing to fight for. The world badly needs this. The way human beings are empowered today, we have a phenomenal ability to create and destroy. When we are striving, we try to create. When we are fighting, we destroy. Believing means assuming certainty about dimensions of which you have really no clue. This will give you confidence without clarity, which is disastrous. Seeking means consciously moving from certainty to uncertainty. When you are constantly stepping into new terrain, it means you are genuinely progressing. Certainty comes from familiarity. When you are making rounds in the same place, obviously you are not going anywhere. People who are exploring different dimensions of life are always uncertain. Great scientists talk in ifs and buts.
It is very important today that the next generation are seekers, not believers, that they do not belong to some imaginary heaven for which they only qualify after death. This is what believing does – it makes you dead sure about things that you know nothing about. Adiyogi is significant to start a new awakening in the world, where instruments of self-transformation will be common. As today most people on the planet know how to brush their teeth, they should know how to keep themselves peaceful and joyful. Human beings must know how to manage their body and their mind. If this happens, human beings will become a tremendous potential and possibility.
Right now, people are capable of making everything a struggle. This is because they do not have tools for self-transformation. It is time we change that, starting in our homes and social surroundings. We can create a culture where we focus more on how we as human beings work. If you understand how your own system works, you can employ it in many wonderful ways. Otherwise, you live by accident, which means you are naturally anxious. That way, the simplest things can be a great struggle. What are most human beings doing? They are earning a living. If they wish, they reproduce. And they will die one day. Every other creature is doing that too, quite efficiently. The point is not that everything that human beings have created is negative. The quality of science and technology and what it can do to the world essentially depends upon what kind of people handle it. The point is to create people who can use science and technology in a sensible way, to enhance life for ourselves and for every other life form on the planet. Not in a way that is destructive for ourselves and for everything around us. Not in ways that brings trouble and suffering upon ourselves and everyone else, which is what is happening right now.

You may have noticed, the last two, three summers have been hotter than ever before. In the Himalayas, you can see this too. At Gomukh, where the river Bhagirathi is born, water was spouting out from the mouth of the ice cave like a fountain. Now the ice has melted to such an extent that you can walk a mile into the cave, and only a small stream is flowing out of it. Many peaks that used to be covered in snow throughout the year are not anymore for months on end. River Kaveri is not touching the ocean anymore for nearly three months in a year. In one generation, we have made a river that was perennial for many thousands of years into a seasonal one. What all this means is – the tools of science and technology that we have are in irresponsible hands. What we need is not more science and technology but a transformation of individual human beings. If tools for transformation are not transmitted in a big way in the coming decade, it will become more and more difficult for our children to live well in the world.
We have just started a new solar cycle. In many ways, the next twelve years are going to be the golden period for spiritual movement on the planet. If we do the right things in the coming decade or so, it will bear fruit much more easily. Human intellect is readier than ever before for something like this. Things are falling together – 2016 is coinciding with similar situations as they were when Adiyogi first taught. All these things are good for us. It is my wish and my blessing that we as a generation should have the privilege of making this happen for future generations. We want to use Adiyogi as an iconic presence to make this happen. We are not promoting him as a god but as a yogi. A god means you have to worship him. A yogi means a possibility. We want to create spaces where tools for transformation are offered to everyone who comes, beyond race, religion, gender, and creed. The first one has happened in Tennessee. No miracles offered, no place to petition – just sadhana; but the numbers of people who are coming there are increasing by the day.
If we create the necessary atmosphere, similar places, where people can receive tools for transformation, will happen everywhere in the world. If the necessary integrity and the power of the space are created, people will invariably come. Today, more people than ever before are seeking. More people than ever before are disappointed with whatever belief systems are being propagated. A huge mass of people still hang on to their belief, even though it does not make any sense to them – simply because they do not see a better alternative. It is our responsibility to make sure they find a better alternative, because in this is the well-being of the world.

If we want a peaceful world, we need peaceful human beings. If we want a loving world, we need loving human beings. If we want a sensible world, we need sensible human beings. If we are interested in creating the kind of human beings that we want to live with, that we want the world to be inhabited with, and that we want our children to live with, we have to make sure that in the next ten to twelve years’ time, every child, before they reach ten years of age, learns a simple process, where they at least close their eyes and sit for seven to ten minutes. Every human being on the planet should know some simple tool for self-transformation. Unless we bring this into their lives, violence and disaster will continue and multiply in the world. By 2050, they are expecting about 9.7 billion people on the planet. The more crowded it gets, the more intense situations will become. If we have to live in close proximity, it is very important that people are as pleasant, peaceful, and joyful as they can be. That is why tools of transformation become super important.
I want all of you to somehow make sure everyone in the world will know about the unveiling of Adiyogi. Not everyone will start doing yoga the moment they see his face, but the word “Adiyogi” will slowly work on them. The entire world should know something is being done to create more pleasant human beings. This is the most fundamental business for any generation – to leave the world a little better than the way we found it. In terms of environment, we will not be able to reverse the destruction that has happened in our lifetime. But at least we can leave people in a better state. If they are peaceful and joyful, I am sure they will fix the environment. Let’s make this happen.

Love & Grace,