Where have they gone now?

The saying goes like this – “The more you are close with nature, the more you are with god!!” How true that was and will be always.
Are we really close or away from nature and its creations like animals, birds etc now? It is not a question or a nature test, but it is a real awakening if we do not question and act on an invisible threat before we face it.
Nature has given us abundant and satisfying life to be in sync with it like other creatures. But we humans who have this big egoistic brain, is always arrogant, incomplete, insecure and thinks that we are the superior above every other creature in this planet. These crude mind of us trying to move away from nature’s path unconsciously and thinks progress is in development of material life like money, education, industry, business etc. I can’t blame now as the life become more materialistic and impossible to lead a simple life in cohesion with nature. But still there is a possibility.
Coming to the topic, “Where have they gone now?” i am talking about one of the now lesser populated though its not extinct(hopefully not) nature’s creation – “House Sparrow”.

There was a time when we woke up to their ‘chirp chirp’ every morning.  They sat on the power lines; flew about the village feeding on the cholam and paddy …there were so many of them. Where have they gone now?
A great Tamil Poet Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar in one of his poem describes the bird beautifully –
“சிறிய தானியம் போன்ற மூக்கு; சின்னக் கண்கள்; சின்னத் தலை; வெள்ளைக் கழுத்து; அழகிய மங்கல் வெண்மை நிறமுடைய பட்டுப் போர்த்த வயிறு; கருமையும் வெண்மையும் கலந்த சாம்பல் நிறத்தாலாகிய பட்டுப் போர்த்த முதுகு; சிறிய தோகை; துளித் துளிக் கால்கள்”. (Tiny nose like a grain, small eyes, small head, white neck, stomach in enveloped in white silk , mix of white and black mixed ash colored silky back, tiny feather, chirpy legs).
A Hindi song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-tTOJ1RvUY
One of the few domestic birds to be close to nature and humans. Just a small box, rack is enough for it to accommodate itself as its living space. In my childhood, i use to see these birds often in my village and even in small cities. The chirpy sounds and its tiny movements are beautiful to watch. A beautiful lovely innocence. It was a big relief the moment it comes and sits in my house in its tiny nest just to hear its sound and watch its movement. A big relief and it made me feel close to nature and deep within myself safe. Somehow it was a stress reliever too, no matter whatever our situations are.
These days due to lot of industrial developments, mobile towers, its numbers is reduced. Lack of food for its off-spring, lack of conducive atmosphere, lack of trees/plants, pollution could be also a mixed reason. We don’t know the proper reason until unless we find it scientifically or in some other ways.
The situation is bad in other parts of the planet too like USA, England and in many other countries too. There is a World Sparrow Day – a day designated to raise awareness of the house sparrow and then other common birds to urban environments, and of threats to their populations, observed on 20 March. It is not completely gone, but we can’t ignore the fact that it is in danger.

Some school students adopted Chinnavedampatti on World Sparrow Day to improve the sparrow population in the village – Chinnavedampatti – A village in Tamilnadu, India.

Its great to see some people are dedicatedly taking an effort like these students to save these sparrow species. It is our responsibility that we have to make sure to take steps in saving them by increasing their numbers, creating a conducive atmosphere, nurture them so that the current generation and the future generation feel proud about it that such birds exists not in the book but in real life.
Some of the links to be followed to be part of saving the sparrow –