What’s your other side?

One of my favourite Innovative Digital Marketing Campaign that caught my attention in the past is “Honda Civic’s “The Other Side” created by Wieden + Kennedy.

Objective: To promote new Honda Civic by demonstrating its two sides of Honda Civic Type R: the practical family car and the high performance ‘Type R’ mode.What: A two-sided interactive film  that enabled viewers to switch between stories about a suburban school-run and an art heist by typing “R” on their keyboards – a function that mirrors the Type R’s race button.

How:Brilliantly narrated interactive campaign. Best use of technology in bringing out the USP of the car. As far as my knowledge, its a first time i have seen such a brilliant use of technology play in the ad in an interactive manner in bringing out the feature of the car by just pressing the letter ‘R’ in the keyboard. The ad has been shot with two different colors of the car, one for the day and one for the night in which the main character in day plays a father and the same main character plays a thief in night. This main character alone appears in two different scenes and situations whereas other characters are different. Finally at the dusk the father and the thief characters switches sides moving from the white car to red car – “The Other Side”.  White car in a day shows a normal car, and the red car in the night portrays the other side(Type R) which features of the raciness of the car. So, basically from a normal car/person to its “The other side”(sporty side) the person switches his gears from normal mode to Type R mode and vice versa.

Why: In Japan, there is a one-make series of Honda Type Rcars where a privateer can purchase an off-road Type R and compete in a series championship, which is a stepping stone for many aspiring racing drivers. Honda Civic Type R is the highest performance version of the Honda Civic. As a common passenger car but due to its sporty side of it, the ad is narrated as “The Other Side”. And in the ad by pressing the letter ‘R’ in keyboard, we can watch the other side of the story. A dual narration told in an interactive manner so that one can switch between both side of the story while watching it.

Results: On average, people spent over three minutes with the experience. This is an unusually long dwell time for an automotive campaign. Traffic to the Civic website also doubled during the campaign. The campaign was the world’s most awarded interactive campaign of 2015. Overall i rate this 5 stars for its narration, technology, clear message of the USP, casting, sound, editing etc. It scores in all areas.