We all know how much of our life is deeply connected with internet and technology. Especially when it comes to knowing anything and about everything, we gather and research information with friends, people, newspapers, internet etc. These days people consume information in the internet more than ever and  the numbers are increasing as technology and usage of mobiles, desktops increases. When it comes to internet, Google is the king of search engine which has become part of our day to day life. Enough said about Google’s prowess in it’s technology. But we also should know the other side of the technology that has brought in billions of googlers all over world. The other side is the design part of it.

Design is a form of communicating/expressing the ideas of what you intend to offer or communicate. I love Google’s doodles and it’s simplicity of design in all it’s products. Some of their doodles that appeared in their search engine are iconic.

As a cooperative effort of designers, writers, and developers at Google, is a clean and inspiring effort that showcases Google’s design work and champion innovators in the design field. It is to Foster creative and educational partnerships that advance design and technology.

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here is my first hand experience in blogging atleast in terms of blabbering(writing) about something which i think i wanted to rub the readers/people with topics what i am interested in. A blog that awakens your curiosity, inspires you, excites you, does nothing to you and whatever etc etc :)) – A blog about everything from creative, design, advertising, marketing, fashion, yoga etc