Roller coaster Phase of my life

Its been long time me blogging. In these months, I was super busy with my work schedules. I write some of my experience in that part of a phase of my life. It was Quarter 1 of this year.
I had to go thru different experiences within myself like delay in Job confirmation, Photoshoots, New Product Launches, Events, Travel, Hectic Work schedules, Stress, feeling numb sometimes, late wake-ups in mornings, award, workshops, arguments, meeting aggressive deadlines, planning of works(of courseĀ sometimes poor planning too), Back and forth corrections, late night works, Pre-closure of my personal loan, Shopping, Performance assessment and so-on. –
Non-stop, a whirlwind phase that period of my life(February 2018 –Ā April 2018).
So, here I am completed my another quarter entering another quarter. I don’t know why the life is like this. On part it sucks, but on another part, it goes on. Trying to rejuvenate and replenish myself through yoga and early morning wake-up.
Hoping for a shiny weather in my life to break all those physical and mental blocks and compulsions.

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