Technology for elders

Yes, it’s a tedious herculean task for them and for the people who help/assist/teach them.
Now that the whole world is in hands making the current generation glued to.  It is a team up of mobile companies to shopping sites, home services to entertainment houses trying to grab our eyeballs by discounts, contents, clickbait headlines, offers, entertain, network, connect, chat etc etc have created a digital life out of the physical world.
I remember something like terminator movie or a website that was named long time ago spoke about creating a virtual world. A step into a human destruction one way or the other?
Have to say, the technology of its kind is very useful and convenient in this present world. Every aspect of the technology has its advantage and disadvantages. One should balance it out in the way its no one should lag behind in getting benefitted by it yet living a balanced life.
Having said that, the older generation is the one finding it going tough to adapt to the trend for doing a simple and day to day task from a grocery, shopping, laundry, movies, booking tickets, cleaning in a mobile or say at least using the internet.
That’s due to the complexities in each aspect of the phone and apps which is tough for them to access. It’s sad only a few tech companies or internet companies or whatever business focussing on caring for the elders.  The remaining are targeting only the youths for their market share.
We need to build companies, products, services that take care of the elder generations too. Recently I came across a startup aiming at elders in healthcare in which the app aims at both the elder and the younger generation in managing the health of the elder. Yes, its tough for the elders to adapt quick and navigate the complexities of using mobile phones, at least companies or products could act as a bridge in creating a convenience in the service they provide.
From designing the phones ( ( to creating resources, services,  businesses etc to bring older people into a digital space without too much of hassle yet a balanced look of life.

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